Weekly Update – 1 December 2019 – LS Trader


US stock indices rallied to new all-time highs. Both markets had down days on Friday with slightly bearish two-day reversal candles that may precede 3-5 days of weakness ahead. Nonetheless, the long-term trend remains up, and the market is well above support.

The Nikkei 225 tested recent highs but was unable to complete the breakout and printed a bearish engulfing pattern on Friday, confirming resistance.


The energy markets were sharply lower this week after weakness seen on Thursday was followed by a big down day on Friday. The long-term trends are mixed in the sector.


The Dollar Index rallied to its highest level since the 10th October on Friday but reversed with a shooting star candle. The long-term trend remains up for the index but is mixed for the dollar against the majors. The Euro made the inverse move.

It’s time to start looking at the January EUR/USD effect which we have written about for many years. This January effect points to the strong tendency for the EUR/USD to make its high or low for the year ahead in January. Back in January, we said that the high of the month, which then was around 1.1800 would not be exceeded. Unless we get an 800+ pip rally during December, that pattern will have held once again, and we can look for next year’s direction to be set during January 2020.

Interest rate futures

As we have also covered in recent weeks, stocks and interest rates continue to trade near critical levels. For now, the long-term trend is up for both stocks and interest rate futures. However, interest rate futures continue to consolidate, and we have no open position in the sector, whereas we are long stocks.

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