The Legal Issue of Online Betting is Explained

The legality of online betting is one of the most frequently asked questions by the general public. The answer is dependent on the country and type of betting as some countries allow all forms of betting whilst others limit betting to certain kinds.

In the United Kingdom, there is no issue with betting as it is an approved form of investing by the government. All betting firms are regulated by the gaming commission. Other countries which allow online betting include most Western European and many countries in the Caribbean, such as Antigua, Barbuda, and Costa Rica.

The issue of online betting remains a debate in Australia, the United States, and some European countries. Online betting is prohibited in most of the United States with the exception of Nevada. Nevada is the only state which allows online sports betting.

Many online betting firms get around the legality issue by registering their websites within countries which allow betting. This allows for many people to participate in online betting, however many US residents are prohibited from these sites.

The bottom line is the legality of online betting varies so bettors should research their particular country’s laws prior to placing a bet.

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