Financial Spread Betting Becoming More Popular – Press Release

Financial spread betting popularity set to surge over the coming years

2013 London – LS Trader announced today that they expect the popularity of financial betting to keep increasing over the coming years as more people become disillusioned with returns from mutual funds and seek to take control of their own investments and financial future by using financial betting.

There are several factors that suggest that the number of people gravitating towards financial spread betting will continue to increase and these include ease of use and instant access to their own trading platform, disillusionment with investment fund returns and the increasing levels of tax payable in the UK” said Phil Seaton of LS Trader. “A major factor is the tax free advantage that is currently in place for financial spread betting in the UK”.

People with higher incomes who have substantial investments will not be to keen to pay the new higher level of income tax at 50%, which came into effect a couple of years back. This rate is set to drop to 45% in April 2013, but it’s still a substantial part of income. One way of getting a better return on investments is not to pay any tax on your profits, which can be done in the UK with financial betting.

LS Trader Spread Betting System

Phil Seaton added “With the speed and availability of information increasing people are becoming more impatient with low returns from investments and want to see faster gains as well as increasing their own control over their money. Financial betting provides a means for people to try and outperform the various investment funds on their own. Many will struggle to do this on their own back but by taking advantage of a trading and information service such as LS Trader, the path becomes clearer and easier.”

It looks like financial betting will become increasingly popular over the coming years and this is evidenced by many more providers of spread betting coming online. This looks like a major growth area, which is set to continue for years to come, especially if UK income tax remains high, which is very likely!  People who take advantage of trading systems and information services such as LS Trader have the opportunity to not only outperform investment fund performance, but to also pay no tax on their profits under current UK tax laws.

About LS Trader

LS Trader is a leading financial spread betting information service, which provides information on 39 futures markets. The system is perhaps best known for the outstanding returns generated in 2008 where the system produced profits of 1504.1%*. The service publishes the trades exactly as and when the system indicates new trades and this includes entry and exit prices as well as portfolio selection and money management rules. In other words, it is a complete service that includes everything required for successful spread betting.

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